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09/07/2010 21:16

The First Week Back- Handouts and Lesson Plans (September 7-10)

Greetings everyone! We have a lot going this week in terms of getting organized. Let me fill you in if you missed the first few days. Click on the link highlighted in blue to go to a Word Document that you can print, or type on and attach in an email to me! On Tuesday, we filled out our Student...


04/29/2010 17:03

5 Vignettes

The assignment is easy. 5 short 5 second clips.  A vignette is a short sketch or a brief literary description.  Check out a FlipVideo camera from Ms. H, use your own camera, or use a cell phone to record your neighborhood in action. 5 clips, 5 seconds each. No music.  After you...


04/28/2010 22:40

Power and Language Essay

The goal of the assignment is to create an essay about language and power. Use your metaphorical drawing to think about what you want to say about language and power. Think about the following questions... What are your understandings about language?  What patterns do you see from the examples...


04/28/2010 22:35

Metaphorical Drawing

We don't know each other very well yet. Let me preface this assignment by saying this: I don't care if you aren't the best artist who ever walked the earth. When I look at your visualizations, I'm always looking at your ideas, not your stick figures. Now. Back to the assignment... Create a visual...


04/28/2010 22:13

School and You Assignment

School and You: Persuasive Writing The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about school and your schooling so far. What are you thinking about school after what we've read, viewed, and listened to? What are you thinking about school after researching the best public high schools in the...


04/28/2010 12:55

Illuminated Text Final Assessment

The task: The goal of this final is the create an illuminated text on any text we've read this trimester. You may use Flash or PowerPoint to create this text. While you may work with a partner, keep in mind that a lot of this will be worked on outside of school and that each of you will also...


04/26/2010 19:21

Testing, testing...

Hello. This blog is for finding a more detailed description of the coursework we do from day to day. If you are absent, (physically OR mentally) use this blog to find online and class assignments that you missed in class. 


04/22/2010 17:15

Glogster Assignment

What do people think of teens in this community? After reading the user comments on in response to the beating of the police officer on the East Side of Kalamazoo, I created this glogster poster illustrating people's perceptions of teens in the community and what people see in the media...


04/22/2010 17:10

Storycorp Interview

Your job is to find someone in the community to interview about their lives.  This is the process: 1. Select your interview partner. Who will it be? A parent? Mentor? Teacher? Sibling? 2. Create a list of questions. Focus on writing questions that have to do with the community of Kalamazoo and...