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If you were present at my 2010 NCTE panel presentation, please click here for electronic versions of the documents I shared with you! You have my permission to alter the documents and use them how you see fit... we've got to help each other out. :)
Welcome, colleagues. I am a firm believer in transforming education through anti-bias curriculum and pedagogy. I also believe that you cannot do this alone. So, while you will find resources on this page for lesson planning and technology integration into the language arts classroom, you will also find resources to support you as you try to create change within your classroom, school, and district.

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Using Technology in the Classroom:
My favorite online resources for teaching beyond the lines

FYI- Living on a teacher's salary means that I like free things. If it's not free, I probably won't post it unless it is amazing.

Cultural Studies Lesson Planning Resources

History is a Weapon

Teaching for Change

Darfur is Dying (game and lesson plans)

Foodforce (game and lesson plans)

The Real Cost of Prisons Project

Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline

RACE Exhibit

Take Part Social Action Network

The Ella Baker Center

Zinn Education Project

Facing History and Ourselves

Reel Works Teen Filmmaking

Media That Matters (Shorts films on cultural studies topics/issues by teachers, students, non-profits, media makers, and activists)

Adobe Youth Voices

Just Choices

 The Power of Words

TeachKind (Yes, it's a PETA website. However, there are a ton of free resources that are worth looking at!)

Youth Media International Social Justice History in Historic Speeches, Songs, Documents, and Literature

Revolutionary Educator Support Networks 

Teachers for Social Justice Chicago (I have found a lot of support here)

New York Collective of Radical Teachers (These teachers have created an amazing plan book!)

Radical Teacher

Rethinking Schools (Wonderful resources for all subjects)

Teaching Tolerance (Free classroom kits and lesson plan ideas)

Paulo Freire Institute

Teaching for Change


Go Beyond the PowerPoint Presentation Project

Prezi (my favorite!)

xtranormal (Text to movie)

Glogster (Awesome and easy)


Slide Rocket

Animoto (educators can get free accounts)

280 Slides



Pikistrips (very cool)


Storybird (students can make picture books online)

Audacity (Free audio recording and download)



Stained Glass Collage



Use Technology in Your Lesson Planning

Thinkfold (great for collaboration with colleagues)

Mindmeister (great for collaboration with colleagues and prewriting)

Erasures (take any text and from it, create a poem)

Illuminated Texts (see an example of an illuminated text here)

Away to Teach

Tag Galaxy

English Companion Ning (So helpful... another favorite!)


Library of Congress (American Memory is a great resource)

Noodle Tools (lots of helpful applications for students and teachers)

Literary Worlds

Poll Everywhere (cell phone polling)

National Public Radio (helpful in linking cultural studies curriculum to the news my personal favorite are are radiolab and This American Life)

PBS Teachers

Online Literary Archives (Audio books included)


Google Directory of Electronic Text Archives

Books Should Be Free


Learn Out Loud

My Favorite Educational Blogs

New York Times Learning Network Blog

Detention Slip

Huff English

Mind Power Collective Blog


 21st Century Learning 

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