Glogster Assignment

04/22/2010 17:15

What do people think of teens in this community? After reading the user comments on in response to the beating of the police officer on the East Side of Kalamazoo, I created this glogster poster illustrating people's perceptions of teens in the community and what people see in the media concerning Kalamazoo Central teens (sometimes recorded by their peers): Click here for the poster.

Your assignment is to create your own glogster poster in response to this one. How do you feel about this portrayal of teens at Kalamazoo Central? What will you include in your poster to respond to this? 

After I created this assignment, I got a disturbing email from a fellow teacher about an experience she had a Colonial Kitchen. Although she has resolved the conflict since my initial email, I still created this poster as a response to the email and this assignment. Because despite all of the negative press and craziness that occurs around our school and community, there is more positive than negative. I look forward to seeing your work!