Illuminated Text Final Assessment

04/28/2010 12:55

The task: The goal of this final is the create an illuminated text on any text we've read this trimester. You may use Flash or PowerPoint to create this text. While you may work with a partner, keep in mind that a lot of this will be worked on outside of school and that each of you will also be doing your own reflective piece on the day of our writing final.

We will conference on what you'd like to create in our next class.

The goal of your Illuminated Text is to create an animated presentation on any text or portion of text from this trimester.  You may use either Power Point or Adobe Flash. I will give an introduction class to Flash and PowerPoint when we are in the computer lab and I will show you more examples. You can look at examples on your own here.

Your Illuminated Text will be very different from the examples because you are using it as a commentary for language, knowledge, community, and power. You will present your text in the auditorium to an audience of your peers from another academy. You will introduce your illuminated text before we screen them for the audience.


Click here for an illuminated text example on Ernest Hemingway's "A Cat in the Rain."

How to make an illuminated text on PowerPoint tutorial for students.